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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lost in Excel 2010?


Image source

Are you like me, loving the look of Excel 2010, but at the same time hating that ‘lost’ feeling?

Fret no more! Microsoft has this Support article to help us around MS Excel 2010. It comes with all the keyboard shortcuts and conveniently available in downloadable (printable) PDF files.

Does that make you smile?

Find it here:

Keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2010

Love it! Smile

Train from Home

At the office earlier today, we got to talk about baking and that topic always wakes me up. So my colleague and I were talking about getting more training to upgrade our skills in baking, and how expensive the really good places are. I told her about this one place that seems affordable, but the site and the program doesn’t impress me.

In my Inbox today is some info on Online Courses. I’d been thinking about signing up for online degree programs in photography for a loooong time. I’m particularly interested in a prestigious school and the curriculum is pretty heavy. If I were in the US, the cost is probably just right. But because I don’t earn dollars (well not for my regular job anyway), it’s quite costly for me.

Students who need help paying for school can also find help in groups like this: Why don’t we have them here?

So anyway, what does my first thought (paragraph 1) have to do with the second? I’m wondering if there is an online course for baking out there! I haven’t seen one. I think it’s possible through videos and comprehensive lists. That would be sooooo interesting and might be the solution to my time and money issues. haha Smile

I went ahead and did a quick Bing search for baking courses, and guess what? They do exist online! I’ll have to sift through the 233M results though. I miss making rolls, tres leches, and even truffles!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Garfield Comics

Do you read Garfield? Who doesn’t know Garfield?

I had a cousin who collected a lot of things Garfield. Before I saw her comic books, I though he was just on a cartoon TV show.

For I don’t know how long now, I’ve subscribed to Garfield and receive a daily strip. This one, I just read today but it’s been in my Inbox for awhile.

Sometimes I think Jon is unbelievable, but I also think some guys to tend to be like him. Haha!

What does he do for a living? Seems like he’s just at home all the time. Doesn’t care about games, sports, or cars, or top cigar brands, or clothes. He’s nice though. An all-around nice fellow. I wonder how long (or far) the relationship with Liz will go.

Are you a fan?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Google Friend Connect

On my sidebar is a gadget for Followers. It’s a box dedicated for Google Friend Connect. Without even promoting it or asking for it, I now see that this blog has 36 followers:


How did this happen?

Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful to all who have connected with me. So now I want to know about Google Friend Connect.

What is it? How does it work? How is it good for us bloggers?

I will research on this and will potentially share my findings on here, but if anyone could offer any information, I’d appreciate it.

I was trying to reach out to my GFC followers but not all have links listed… anyway… thanks again everyone!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rides :)

Since getting my car, our days and weekends haven’t really change much. Well okay, so maybe they have. I’d been to Greenbelt. And then to MOA twice in a span of a week. We drive to lunch. There’s more freedom to go where we want to go, any time we want to.

Okay yeah, some things have changed. We still don’t get the weekends we want, but there’s been changes for sure.

In the past, whenever a vehicle decked this way pulls up next to the cab we’re on:


We talk about someday going on morning rides, our bikes hooked up on a hitch bike rack. We’d go to wherever there’d be gook bike tracks or nice scenery and fresh air.

Both Alfred and I loved riding bikes as kids. We currently don’t have bikes because the ones we could readily afford don’t look like they could support our weight, haha. Smile But there, one of the reasons why we wanted our own car is so we could do that. Someday.

Here’s another reason why we enjoy driving around:

hadbang sa kotse

That’s a screencap of Alfred’s Facebook post and the resulting conversation with her niece. Smile Head banging inside the car while listening to good music Smile

Uhm. And yeah, I didn’t cause accidents as a commuter. But just a few days ago, I drew first blood.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Easy Reading

I had written about Google Reader in my main blog, now after several days of reading my stalked blogs through it, I still love it. Smile

Apart from adding the “Next” button on my Bookmarks bar in Chrome to easily surf from one feed to the next (viewed on the actual blog), I also added the “Subscribe” button.

The Subscribe button can be found under Goodies, in the Settings section of reader:

google reader settings

google reader goodies

google reader subscribe

So there in one of the screenshots you see the Subscribe button next to my Next button.

Today, I learned about another wonderful blog worthy of subscribing to. I stumbled upon Sweetapolita via Simply Yin’s Pins on Pinterest. My Next button took me to Yin’s blog. It was nice to see the transformation in her home – I love her new floor to ceiling bookcases – a two step stool would be nice gift for their home! I also learned that she was also hooked on Pinterest. I checked out her boards (followed them too) and found a pinned photo from Sweetapolita’s blog. Thanks to the Subscribe button, I am now also following that blog Smile

It’s so easy, while viewing the blog, just hit Subscribe on your bookmarks.


You’re not done yet though. You will first see the feeds for that blog. Don’t forget to click Subscribe one more try, within the page this time:

google reader subscribe2

There will be a discreet confirmation message up top after that, and you’re all set!

By the way, I’m on Pinterest too Smile

Follow Me on Pinterest

Another book in the mail!

I received another book in the mail last week. Actually, the book’s been in the post office since June but I only got around to picking it up on Thursday. Why did the Post Office keep my book so long? I don’t know, I personally think it cost them more to store it than to just deliver it here. It’s the customs desk that kept it there, they were so curious to find out how much they can charge me, only to find out that I got the book for free. Ha!

This is the book I received from Booksneeze, in hardcover too:

Looking forward to reviewing it!

A little side-story about the trip to the post office that afternoon:

Because I work nights and go home between 11AM and 3PM, it doesn’t really matter whether the car I drive has a plate covered by the day’s color coding scheme. My car plate ends in 8, this means I have to be conscious on Thursdays – must not be on the road outside of the 10AM-3PM window. Last week, I was completely oblivious to it though!

From work in Cubao, we proceeded to V.Luna for lunch at Carinderia Buffet. It was straight to the nearby QC Central Post Office from there. It was a quick visit and we were even contemplating about taking a drive to UP or visiting Technopark. We decided against it because we needed to get to the CR soon, haha. As I pulled up in front of the house, I looked at the clock and it read 3:10PM. Whoa! I could have been caught violating traffic rules if we didn’t hurry home! Smile

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Samsung Smart TV is Love!

We saw Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon at the IMAX cinema of The Mall of Asia yesterday. I loved the movie, and it was so worth the trip and the expense! Smile

The MOA is a few cities away from Quezon City. My shift ends at 11AM and the screening was to start at 110PM. It was a mad rush to finish things so we could leave by 1130. We left at past noon – my co-OMs Lordz and Ric, the boyfriend and I.

EDSA was moderate – it only took us around 40 minutes to drive from Cubao to MOA in Pasay City. It was quite a ride, I saw the speedometer hit 80kph! It was exhilarating to drive, haha.

The drive up the parking building was another experience – nahilo ako, I swear! It was still early so parking wasn’t an issue. We had plenty of time to walk to the cinema, get our tickets printed (we reserved online), and line up for popcorn and soda. The theater was packed and we had good seats. People weren’t kidding when they said that IMAX at the MOA was a whole new experience – it really was! I loved it!

After the movie, we ate and then killed time walking around.

That was when we saw the Samsung Smart TV.


It is eye candy, I tell you! I want one, if only it wasn’t dang expensive. It looks so elegant with its acrylic border, and its stand. It can be mounted on the wall too with peerless mounts if one wanted.

I’d really love to own one. The set comes with a 3D player, two 3D glasses, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab! But it isn’t something I’m prepared to buy at this time, nor save up for. In the far future maybe. Smile