Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

It’s back to work again in a few hours. Though I ache to say that I’d really rather be doing something else, I wouldn’t. I don’t think it does me any good to emit bad vibes out into the world anyway. Smile

I just really hope that my allergic rhinitis doesn’t get triggered while at work later. And I hope my headaches don’t come back once I’m there. Please, I need to be able to concentrate on my work. The only way I can be efficient in the office is to avoid distractions as much as I can. Having an office to myself would be good, but I haven’t earned that. The platform is my domain (one I share with 9 others?) and it was designed to make us very accessible so having people come and go is already a given. Not having to bother about sniffles or headaches would just make things easier, you know?

Perhaps the office should invest on a dehumidifier? It’s probably a wise investment too. Less people would get sick, less absences, more billable hours! What do you think?

Oh well.

How’s your weekend? Read any good books lately?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kindle for iPad

I finally gave up on getting the ebook from Booksneeze to open on iBook. Much as I love the feel of pages turning in that app, I knew I had to find an alternative. Or else, I wasn't going to read The Little Red Book of Wisdom.

So I downloaded the Kindle for iPad.

kindle is free to download from the App Store. I have so far been successful at opening the Kindle version of the book that I downloaded from Booksneeze (yay!), and I've tried to get a feel for the reader.

So far I've found a few thoughts that I love about Kindle:

I can change the viewing options to a white, black or sepia background. I like black better, and sepia is a close second.



It's easy to bookmark and add notes. This is especially important for books that I'm reviewing. No need for an extra notebook or sticky notes.


Since the book I'm reading is a freebie in exchange for a review, it says that on some pages of the book. I don't mind, specially since I have no intention to distribute copies of the book. I am no pirate. :)


So I am looking forward to reading my book. I just hope I would actually find the time to do that.


I also look forward to using Kindle more. So far I have this book, and the Oxford Dictionary loaded (free). I might purchase the Kindle edition of Bakerella’s Cake Pops too.


Earlier this afternoon I was watching a movie on the Diva channel, Expecting Mary. It was about pregnant teenager Mary who ran away from home, and was hitchhiking her way to her Dad’s place. She ended up finding a family in a trailer park. It was truly a non-conventional family. She was taken in by a former Vegas showgirl who was still doing shows at her local small town Casino. She lived in a trailer park and was constant companion to another elderly lady who had a small pig farm.  It doesn’t look like any of the homes in their tiny ‘village’ needed any rv repair as none of the RVs actually worked, they were parked forever. Anyway, I didn’t get to finish the film though so I’m hoping there would be a replay. Did anyone else catch that film?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I checked out a book from Booksneeze in digital format. Problem is, I can’t get it to load on iBooks on my iPad. I’ve downloaded the book in epub format but when I try to access it and click to open in iBooks, it doesn’t do that.

Looks like the alternative is to load it via iTunes. I have yet to try that option.

So I’ve been using my iPad more lately, right? The other day, when the boyfriend came home from work and we had had our lunch, we fought over the PC and he won. I was banished to the sofa to either watch TV, or entertain myself with the iPad. I chose the latter. And a good two hours passed without me noticing. The only way I knew I had been immersed so long? Two and a half Cinema One movies. Smile

I would probably have stayed longer if I were seated on a more comfortable chair. A lazy boy would do, or a nice big power lift chair, haha! Oh but I can’t be too comfortable otherwise I’d most likely fall asleep.