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Friday, December 30, 2011

To Be Read–35 books!


I have 35 unread books!




*I might have read some already, but I can’t be sure until I try to go through the first few pages.

If each book was purchased at a minimum of 300 pesos, then that’s 10500 pesos worth of books! Some are brand new and may have cost at least 350 or more. But most of these books are second-hand, ranging from 100 to 250 pesos each. I bought these separately over the course of 2-3 years. Got a few of them as gifts too. In 6 months, I’ll try and post how many of these remain unread.

Christmas Loot

It’s really the youngest in families that get the most Christmas loot. Dearest Amir, for example, had to have two vehicles carry his stuff and his combined birthday and Christmas loot home to Fairview. Yes. He, his parents and their usual baby gear for a weekend stay and Grandma’s, PLUS all the gifts he received, could not fit into their 4-door sedan. Grandpa and Grandma had to load the Rav up and accompany them home. Smile

And what did his pretty Auntie get for Christmas? A grand total of two presents, one from each side of the family.



Nah, I am not complaining. I actually got more presents than expected, even if I didn’t personally hand out a lot of them this year. Truth be told, I am not done with Christmas shopping and gift-giving. I have friends at work that I’d love to give gifts too. At the boyfriend’s suggestion, I plan to get them pesronalized tee shirts. I just have to figure out the best print for each person. This will likely take time. It might even become a Valentine gift already at the rate I’m going. Haha!

What about you, what does your Christmas Day loot look like?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011



Remember Georyl’s Christmas Giveaway?

On Christmas Eve, she made the announcement of winners here. I also received an email from her informing me of the post, and that I was one of the lucky winners!



Yes, it’s only $5 but, I’ll take that extra $5 dollars anytime!  This will go towards my sewing class funds. Alfred gave me this for Christmas, and I will learn to use it to make fun and beautiful projects!

Photo Dec 22, 4 32 56 PM

Ako na ang winner sa best gift received! Smile I was so excited about this and was both surprised and happy that Alfred was on board with my dream of learning how to sew. His dad is a tailor, and he claims to be better at this than me. My grandmother was good at needlecraft. I think I can claim that she was a part-time seamstress because she used to sew sutanas for the Seminarians. She made us cute dresses too when we were kids. She makes beautiful things and was really helpful when I had to sew a blouse for home ec in high school. Part of why I want to do this, is to honor her legacy.

What is your winner! gift this Christmas?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Coming Home


The boyfriend and his family will be taking the long road trip home tomorrow morning. He will be back soon and I haven’t done any of the things I thought I could do while he’s away. Oh well. To be honest, I feel a little guilty about not being there with them. His grandmother died last year,  I had offered to follow to the province but Alfred advised against it. This year, I wasn’t able to get a leave because I have work on all four days that they’re gone. Again, I offered to follow, but it wasn’t a good idea. Bicol is a little too far and unfamiliar for me to travel on my own – whether driving or on a bus.

Not sure if there’s a special roadside assistance plan for the holidays at either the North or South Express Ways. I don’t think I can drive through either without one. I’d be a nervous wreck. What if something goes wrong? Will I be stuck in the middle of the highway with no one to help me out? Haha. I haven’t ventured to drive outside of Metro Manila yet, when I do, I will be prepared. But as I was saying, the boyfriend will be home soon, I wonder what he’s bringing home for me? Smile

He doesn’t normally read Between the Covers, so I can say this here: I’m secretly thinking of getting him what he really wants for Christmas. It’s a bit pricey, and with all that’s happening, I’d really rather give more to charity than spend on more gifts. But he’s been dropping hints and I keep deflecting him. Looks I may be able to make a way to afford it though. So we’ll see. Fingers crossed.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Award Winning Books Reading Challenge 2012


I’ve been behind on my reading since forever, so here’s me taking an effort to catch up in 2012!



I’m signing up for the 2012 Award Winning Books Reading Challenge happening at Gathering Books.  I don’t recall how I ever got to Gathering Books (the site), but I’ve since enjoyed reading the posts that go through my feeds.

From January to December 2012, I will aim to win a Bronze Medal for this challenge – that’s 10 books or less that have received recognition. I have no idea how many such books are in my TBR pile, but I intend to find out in the next few days so I can draw up a list of those ten books for the challenge. If I finish fast, I can go higher. Smile Big IF.

So head on over to Gathering Books and read all about this challenge and maybe you’d want to sign up too. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Champion Children’s Rights!


A few months ago, I finally walked the talk and signed up to be a UNICEF Champion for Children.  As acknowledgment, I received a welcome email from UNICEF Philippines’ Vanessa Tobin.  But I was surprised when, earlier this month, I received another welcome letter in the mail. Apart from Ms. Tobin’s missive, there was one from Gary Valenciano too – he’s been UNICEF’s Ambassador for many many years now.

Really, those welcome letters were unnecessary, but I appreciate them. Getting these, was the real bonus:

Photo Dec 11, 4 12 56 PM

Thank you artwork by a UNICEF supported child, and samples of all-occasion cards. They even sent a Champion’s card. I don’t think it’s accepted anywhere, but I am proud to have it.

Photo Dec 11, 4 15 30 PM

What’s on the back?

Photo Dec 11, 4 35 39 PM

I champion Children’s Rights!

  • To give children the best start in life
  • To help children survive and thrive
  • To make education accessible to every child
  • To create a safe and protective environment for children

If you don’t know what to gift someone who has it all, why don’t you make a one-time donation to UNICEF this Christmas on his/her name? Give a gift that gives. SmileCheckout the UNICEF giving page.