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Tuesday, December 27, 2011



Remember Georyl’s Christmas Giveaway?

On Christmas Eve, she made the announcement of winners here. I also received an email from her informing me of the post, and that I was one of the lucky winners!



Yes, it’s only $5 but, I’ll take that extra $5 dollars anytime!  This will go towards my sewing class funds. Alfred gave me this for Christmas, and I will learn to use it to make fun and beautiful projects!

Photo Dec 22, 4 32 56 PM

Ako na ang winner sa best gift received! Smile I was so excited about this and was both surprised and happy that Alfred was on board with my dream of learning how to sew. His dad is a tailor, and he claims to be better at this than me. My grandmother was good at needlecraft. I think I can claim that she was a part-time seamstress because she used to sew sutanas for the Seminarians. She made us cute dresses too when we were kids. She makes beautiful things and was really helpful when I had to sew a blouse for home ec in high school. Part of why I want to do this, is to honor her legacy.

What is your winner! gift this Christmas?