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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Award Winning Books Reading Challenge 2012


I’ve been behind on my reading since forever, so here’s me taking an effort to catch up in 2012!



I’m signing up for the 2012 Award Winning Books Reading Challenge happening at Gathering Books.  I don’t recall how I ever got to Gathering Books (the site), but I’ve since enjoyed reading the posts that go through my feeds.

From January to December 2012, I will aim to win a Bronze Medal for this challenge – that’s 10 books or less that have received recognition. I have no idea how many such books are in my TBR pile, but I intend to find out in the next few days so I can draw up a list of those ten books for the challenge. If I finish fast, I can go higher. Smile Big IF.

So head on over to Gathering Books and read all about this challenge and maybe you’d want to sign up too.