Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I checked out a book from Booksneeze in digital format. Problem is, I can’t get it to load on iBooks on my iPad. I’ve downloaded the book in epub format but when I try to access it and click to open in iBooks, it doesn’t do that.

Looks like the alternative is to load it via iTunes. I have yet to try that option.

So I’ve been using my iPad more lately, right? The other day, when the boyfriend came home from work and we had had our lunch, we fought over the PC and he won. I was banished to the sofa to either watch TV, or entertain myself with the iPad. I chose the latter. And a good two hours passed without me noticing. The only way I knew I had been immersed so long? Two and a half Cinema One movies. Smile

I would probably have stayed longer if I were seated on a more comfortable chair. A lazy boy would do, or a nice big power lift chair, haha! Oh but I can’t be too comfortable otherwise I’d most likely fall asleep.