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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Samsung Smart TV is Love!

We saw Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon at the IMAX cinema of The Mall of Asia yesterday. I loved the movie, and it was so worth the trip and the expense! Smile

The MOA is a few cities away from Quezon City. My shift ends at 11AM and the screening was to start at 110PM. It was a mad rush to finish things so we could leave by 1130. We left at past noon – my co-OMs Lordz and Ric, the boyfriend and I.

EDSA was moderate – it only took us around 40 minutes to drive from Cubao to MOA in Pasay City. It was quite a ride, I saw the speedometer hit 80kph! It was exhilarating to drive, haha.

The drive up the parking building was another experience – nahilo ako, I swear! It was still early so parking wasn’t an issue. We had plenty of time to walk to the cinema, get our tickets printed (we reserved online), and line up for popcorn and soda. The theater was packed and we had good seats. People weren’t kidding when they said that IMAX at the MOA was a whole new experience – it really was! I loved it!

After the movie, we ate and then killed time walking around.

That was when we saw the Samsung Smart TV.


It is eye candy, I tell you! I want one, if only it wasn’t dang expensive. It looks so elegant with its acrylic border, and its stand. It can be mounted on the wall too with peerless mounts if one wanted.

I’d really love to own one. The set comes with a 3D player, two 3D glasses, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab! But it isn’t something I’m prepared to buy at this time, nor save up for. In the far future maybe. Smile