Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another book in the mail!

I received another book in the mail last week. Actually, the book’s been in the post office since June but I only got around to picking it up on Thursday. Why did the Post Office keep my book so long? I don’t know, I personally think it cost them more to store it than to just deliver it here. It’s the customs desk that kept it there, they were so curious to find out how much they can charge me, only to find out that I got the book for free. Ha!

This is the book I received from Booksneeze, in hardcover too:

Looking forward to reviewing it!

A little side-story about the trip to the post office that afternoon:

Because I work nights and go home between 11AM and 3PM, it doesn’t really matter whether the car I drive has a plate covered by the day’s color coding scheme. My car plate ends in 8, this means I have to be conscious on Thursdays – must not be on the road outside of the 10AM-3PM window. Last week, I was completely oblivious to it though!

From work in Cubao, we proceeded to V.Luna for lunch at Carinderia Buffet. It was straight to the nearby QC Central Post Office from there. It was a quick visit and we were even contemplating about taking a drive to UP or visiting Technopark. We decided against it because we needed to get to the CR soon, haha. As I pulled up in front of the house, I looked at the clock and it read 3:10PM. Whoa! I could have been caught violating traffic rules if we didn’t hurry home! Smile