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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Easy Reading

I had written about Google Reader in my main blog, now after several days of reading my stalked blogs through it, I still love it. Smile

Apart from adding the “Next” button on my Bookmarks bar in Chrome to easily surf from one feed to the next (viewed on the actual blog), I also added the “Subscribe” button.

The Subscribe button can be found under Goodies, in the Settings section of reader:

google reader settings

google reader goodies

google reader subscribe

So there in one of the screenshots you see the Subscribe button next to my Next button.

Today, I learned about another wonderful blog worthy of subscribing to. I stumbled upon Sweetapolita via Simply Yin’s Pins on Pinterest. My Next button took me to Yin’s blog. It was nice to see the transformation in her home – I love her new floor to ceiling bookcases – a two step stool would be nice gift for their home! I also learned that she was also hooked on Pinterest. I checked out her boards (followed them too) and found a pinned photo from Sweetapolita’s blog. Thanks to the Subscribe button, I am now also following that blog Smile

It’s so easy, while viewing the blog, just hit Subscribe on your bookmarks.


You’re not done yet though. You will first see the feeds for that blog. Don’t forget to click Subscribe one more try, within the page this time:

google reader subscribe2

There will be a discreet confirmation message up top after that, and you’re all set!

By the way, I’m on Pinterest too Smile

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