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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rides :)

Since getting my car, our days and weekends haven’t really change much. Well okay, so maybe they have. I’d been to Greenbelt. And then to MOA twice in a span of a week. We drive to lunch. There’s more freedom to go where we want to go, any time we want to.

Okay yeah, some things have changed. We still don’t get the weekends we want, but there’s been changes for sure.

In the past, whenever a vehicle decked this way pulls up next to the cab we’re on:


We talk about someday going on morning rides, our bikes hooked up on a hitch bike rack. We’d go to wherever there’d be gook bike tracks or nice scenery and fresh air.

Both Alfred and I loved riding bikes as kids. We currently don’t have bikes because the ones we could readily afford don’t look like they could support our weight, haha. Smile But there, one of the reasons why we wanted our own car is so we could do that. Someday.

Here’s another reason why we enjoy driving around:

hadbang sa kotse

That’s a screencap of Alfred’s Facebook post and the resulting conversation with her niece. Smile Head banging inside the car while listening to good music Smile

Uhm. And yeah, I didn’t cause accidents as a commuter. But just a few days ago, I drew first blood.