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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Train from Home

At the office earlier today, we got to talk about baking and that topic always wakes me up. So my colleague and I were talking about getting more training to upgrade our skills in baking, and how expensive the really good places are. I told her about this one place that seems affordable, but the site and the program doesn’t impress me.

In my Inbox today is some info on Online Courses. I’d been thinking about signing up for online degree programs in photography for a loooong time. I’m particularly interested in a prestigious school and the curriculum is pretty heavy. If I were in the US, the cost is probably just right. But because I don’t earn dollars (well not for my regular job anyway), it’s quite costly for me.

Students who need help paying for school can also find help in groups like this: Why don’t we have them here?

So anyway, what does my first thought (paragraph 1) have to do with the second? I’m wondering if there is an online course for baking out there! I haven’t seen one. I think it’s possible through videos and comprehensive lists. That would be sooooo interesting and might be the solution to my time and money issues. haha Smile

I went ahead and did a quick Bing search for baking courses, and guess what? They do exist online! I’ll have to sift through the 233M results though. I miss making rolls, tres leches, and even truffles!