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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unofficially Yours (2012 Movie)


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We saw this movie last Sunday, March 4. Star Cinema’s Unofficially Yours stars John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Aquino. Cathy Garcia-Molina directs.

I didn’t realize that the movie already started while we were buying our tickets so we even stopped by the concessionaire stands to get some popcorn and chips. We missed, in its entirety, the foundation of the story: the one-night stand. There was really no time to sulk over that though, because the story was running and we wanted to pay attention from there on in. And, it didn’t matter that much because you soon realize that something happened between the two. What confused me in the beginning was why Macky Galvez (JLC’s character) was so interested in getting a “new” life. Eventually, this was answered too.

Journalism was my first love too. I was on the editorial board for three years on my grade school paper and EIC on 6th grade, Associate EIC in senior year at high school. But other interests took over me, and I didn’t take up Journalism (although it was my second choice at the UP when I applied). I also noticed how my writing quality declined since leaving school. Seriously. But that has nothing to do with the movie, except that it excited me that they worked in the newsroom. Smile

We laughed a lot during the screening. As good a dramatic actor as he is, JLC has been very effective in his romantic comedy films and this film adds another feather to his cap. The roster of supporting characters were quite effective too. Macky’s barkada and room mates – fun times! They seemed just like how male barkadas would treat each other. Maybe. Can guys really be that sensitive and supportive of each other? From what I observe of Alfred, they could.

To be honest, I think I would have been annoyed at JLC’s character if I was the girl in the movie. I mean, really? Pressure! Expecting too much! But Ces obviously felt something for him already, and that’s why she allowed it to continue.

I’d never really given much thought to official relationship status or the modern-day girl-boy relationship types that abound these days. To each his own right? Whatever floats your boat. So if they didn’t need commitment, that’s just fine. Personally, I understand how such arrangements could be convenient, even desirable. I think even where there is love and commitment, two people can agree to be two separate individuals and live their own lives and according to their own rules.

But what I couldn’t understand is how one could seemingly give up on love – no matter how much they’ve been hurt. As I see it, it isn’t that the heart is incapable of loving again, but the mind is trying so hard to prevent it. Oh well. Even after all’s been shown in the movie, I still don’t get it. Or maybe I’d just been really lucky not to have gone through that much pain.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying the movie’s a ‘must watch,’ but it was definitely nice to see. Anyway, here’s the official trailer for Unofficially Yours, enjoy!