Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Lately, chats about leaving our respective jobs have become more frequent. We talk about it in bed, in the car, everywhere. Is this a sign that we’re unhappy at work Alfred and I?

I can only speak for myself – it’s not about being happy there, really. Whatever’s happening at work, I either have control over or I don’t. For those I do, I know I can do more if I wanted to. For those I don’t, well, it’s all about perspective. So, no. It’s not about being happy at work.

I just really want to do something else. Maybe some online college classes would kick-start other professional opportunities for me.

But we’re not the type of people who can afford to lose our jobs. So I don’t see either of us quitting anytime soon. How would we ever save up for a wedding if we do? Where would shopping money come from? How could I get him one of these mens titanium bracelets? Oh he’d need a steady paycheck to sustain my lavish lifestyle! (*whatever*!)

And to set the record straight, I love the challenge that work brings. Once I set foot in the office, all is well. I do love doing what I do and all the opportunities we can open for the people we work with. I guess this funky mood just really comes and goes. I know someday when I find my true passion and do it everyday this will still probably happen, from time to time. As I said, it comes and goes. For now, I’ll stick with what I have and continue dreaming and working towards that dream Smile