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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Find your passion

I finally, FINALLY, finished reading The Happiness Project from cover to cover.

And I just could not stop my self from posting about it again.
For some reason, I also want to reread it, but this time take lots of notes as well. But maybe not right away. After all, I do have a whole list of books to go through, and then some. Smile
I feel like reading this book has enriched my life, but I don’t know how yet. There’s no specific thing I can attribute to it just yet. I feel like I have already resolved to go on my own Happiness Project, but I also want to be concrete and lists all my resolutions and goals.
Rubin’s approach to this project is something that can also be used for other things. For one, I’m wondering how to encourage these for my TLs and reps so they can be happier workers Smile And how we can use resolutions to meet and sustain our good performance.
Also, in the book, Rubin talks about finding your passion so I’ve been thinking about that a lot. Oh yes, a lot. One of my passions is advocating for children’s rights. I lived and breathed it. –ed. Past tense. I grew up thinking that I would always be doing something for children, that I would be in social work. It would be something I do. You know what I mean? But I left that world. A social work degree just didn’t seem to be in my future. I don’t regret it, but a lot of times I think about it. And a lot of times I wonder how I can continue to do it without completely changing my life all over again. At least not right away.
Right now, there’s being a Champion for Children, but then not much else. That’s a lot because it means money out of my own pocket, but it doesn’t feel like I’m really putting much of myself into it. It’s hard to explain.
So whenever I come across campaigns I can support from where I am, I do all that I can to support it. Like the viral campaign for #KONY2012. We have child soldiers in the Philippines too, but the situation is different. I can’t say it’s better, but what Kony does is just plain awful. He and his LRA must be stopped now. How long has he been #1 on the ICC list of the world’s worst War Criminals?
We don’t have to go all political. We can also support children’s cause via Shop at their store, fulfill your shopaholic needs while you help a good cause or two. Yes you can go spend your money on funny t shirts but you could also spend them on gifts that give. Totally your choice.
What I’m trying to say is that right now, this is all I can do. I have other things on my plate that I want to give time for –some selfish time I admit – and then I’ll have more of myself to exhaust for my true passions. Smile
What are YOU passionate about?