Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Monday, February 27, 2012




I mentioned BookCrossing on this blog a total of one time, and only to compare PostCrossing with the website. Wow. That’s probably because I signed up on the site in 2007 but never really participated, didn’t do anything.

Let this video educate you about what Book Crossing is all about:


I have thought about what to do with our books but never got down to really printing out BC labels and releasing the books. My Mom, to a certain extent, is the releaser for us. She brings the books to her office and anyone who sees them there are free to take them. They may or may not bring the books back and that’s okay. Maybe I should try attaching labels to them and see who would actually update the journal entries on BC?

If you belong to a book club or have a book exchange group, then Book Crossing may yet be another platform for your group.

If you’re on Book Crossing, how many books have you released or caught? If you’re not yet on BC, how do you think this will fit in with your reading lifestyle?