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Monday, February 27, 2012

Biking for Fitness

Important Blogger Tip: Save your work after every few lines. Do Drafts. I just lost a finished post, because Windows Live Writer crashed and I didn’t save a Draft. Go figure.

After the picnic, Alfred and I set out to find new toys. First stop was a bike store in Kamuning. From Tomas Morato, turn right on Judge Jimenez and then left on the first corner. It’s a few houses down. Ryan’s Bike Shop (I think). The guy watching the bikes was very helpful.

But our ultimate destination was Cartimar, all the way in Pasay City. That’s where we found our new steed (does adding S make the word plural?):

Photo Feb 26, 11 29 26 PM 

The top picture is my bike, while the upside down one is his. We are so happy with our new toys. We were both like two kids on Christmas Eve anticipating the big gift with a big ribbon – I’m getting a bike! We were those two kids today. Smile 

I have not been on a bike for decades. As a kid, I loved biking. My friends and I would ride everyday. This evening, I remember why I enjoyed it so much. It’s true what they say, you never forget how to ride a bike. But it sure feels awkward the first time you try again. And I never used a mountain bike before. So I have to get used to riding, and two breaks, and shifting gears! I need practice, lot and lots of practice.

So biking will be our physical activity. Our exercise. I’m so happy that Alfred and I will be doing this together, and my brother too. Hello weight loss. Smile

I’ve never dreamt of ever wearing lingerie corsets, and I have no grand illusion that biking will get me a body to fit in one. I won’t even think of wearing one in the privacy of the bathroom. Haha. But I can dream of being healthier right?

Now this got me thinking about reading about biking. Any book recommendations? I did find these over the net:

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Do you have any tips for a newbie biker?