Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Saturday, February 25, 2012

BTC Birthday: 6/17/2010


I don’t remember exactly when I decided to start a blog on books, but here’s my first mention of Between the Covers on the main blog. So Between the Cover’s blogversary is June 17th. We’re a year and a half old people!

Sometimes I feel bad that I don’t have enough book posts, despite the fact that I specifically setup this blog to be about the books I read. I must have been crazy venturing into niche blogs (blogs that focus on a specific topic, in this case books), but it’s fun. I love that whenever I want to write about books, and also about movies, I know that there’s a special space for that story.

Where the Moon Shines has become a catch-all for everything about me and my interests. This blog, on the other hand, focuses on my reading. I’ve chosen to write about movies on this blog too because like books it’s about stories of other people.

One big difference between BTC and my personal blog is the platform. Verabear.Net is on Wordpress, while BTC is on Blogger. I had used Blogger in the past and liked it, but I am a WP convert and love it more. Why did I choose to use Blogger for BTC? Believe it or not, it was because I wanted to use Zoe Pearn’s blog kits.  So my main reason for choosing the platform was design customization. I wanted a certain look, and at the time, I felt like Blogger would let me have that.

What other factors should one consider when choosing one’s blog platform? If you’re tech savvy or already have some background in site building, then Wordpress would be suitable. Blogger tends to be easier to setup and there are more scrapbook-ish designs available out there. If you have budget for your own hosting, then Wordpress is a logical choice. Blogger is free and can be used with subdomain or with your own registered domain.

Do you have a blog? What made you start one? If not, why don’t you have one?