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Monday, February 27, 2012

Dragonfly Guitar

This morning we rode our bikes. Wow, I get tired very quickly! It’s not all flat land see, Quezon City must have all been rolling hills back in the day. Haha. But it was fun, and if I do this everyday, my muscles will get used to it. Right? That’s what the fitness and nutrition experts say, anyway!

I thought about taking a video, or even just a photo of myself. But then I thought that might jinx me. After all, what’s more important is what you do everyday, not just what you did this one day. So maybe I’ll take a photo after I’ve biked a few times.

Biking really takes me back to my childhood. How I wish our old photos are digitized already, I’d pull up a photo of me as a young girl and for sure it won’t be hard to find one with a bike. So I’ve been on a mini-trip down memory lane. I remembered my playmates and thought about how many hours we spent biking around. Or how much abuse our bikes took from us.

Who was it who owned a red bike? Yaki or Kathie? It wasn’t mine, surely? Oh well.
Then I remembered all three of us taking piano lessons – without knowing the others were enrolled too. Ha!

Had I known about Luna acoustic guitars back then, I’d have asked my parents for guitar lessons! Isn’t this one with dragonflies adorable? They have other designs that girls would gravitate to.

image source

I learned to play the guitar in highschool, my brother taught me. It must have been my Dad or my Auntie Leesah who taught him. I spent many afternoons strumming and strumming. My piano teacher mentioned how my pinky finger will be ruined for piano playing coz of the chords. But she wasn’t discouraging me, she just mentioned it. She plays the guitar too.