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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Writing Nut


Let me tell you about a writer’s blog. She’s a writer and she blogs about writing, makes sense yes? Smile She also does awesome book reviews and author interviews.

I will have to admit, I have a bias for her since she’s my batch mate at the UP and we were even group mates for a paper in one of our major subjects (which one, I’d forgotten already). But I wouldn’t take a moment to blog about her writing just for those reasons. She really does amazing work!

I’ve been visiting her blog every once in awhile since I saw her post about it on Facebook, but it wasn’t until today that I really paused to read her author interview for Allison Burnett, and after that, her review of his book, Undiscovered Gyrl.

The way she writes the review makes me really want to step out and find a copy. It is that good. It’s nowhere like the reviews I pen. Haha. Open-mouthed smile Just based on that review alone, I’m already convinced that her stories are even more colorful. Can’t wait to someday do a review of her books. Smile

So if you’re looking for a good read, go check out The Writing Nut (and if you’re so inclined and in her area, join her children’s book writing group too).