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Monday, January 17, 2011

Choosing Your College Major

So I recently mentioned The Writing Nut here, saying that she was a classmate of mine from college. But we haven’t really been in touch so I don’t know what she does, apart from what she blogs. But I was thinking about how a lot of people end up in a field far from what they majored in at college.
Are you in a job that fits in with what you spent all those years in school for? I’m not. Not really.
I majored in BA Psychology at the University of the Philippines. For a while I thought about really applying that and going into research or something. Really work in the field (not Clinical Psychology though). My involvements in child rights advocacies weren’t exactly in line with my Psych training. In fact, whatever course I ended up taking, I probably would still have been involved in those organizations in the past.
Now, I’m in the BPO industry. Not in HR, but in Operations. Is there a degree course that people thinking of a career in the BPO industry could take up? I don’t think so. Did my education prepare me for this path? Not really.
But even if there was a degree appropriate for someone eyeing for call center employment, I still wouldn’t go into that. I’d rather enroll in baking school or maybe get an online business degree. Ah, Multi-Media Arts, or Web Design, I’d love to take short courses on those. Smile
My niece is graduating from high school in March. I heard that she’s planning to take up Economics. I wonder how she chose her major?