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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Movie Review: RPG Metanoia

For the lack of a proper book review, here are my thoughts on the first Pinoy 3D animated movie:

It took awhile to convince the boyfriend to go and see the movie with me. It was an entry to the annual Metro Manila Film Festival that opens on Christmas morning, but it was already 2011 when we found the time to see it. He was hesitant to see it thinking it would be boring, and an epic failure. He was happy to be proved wrong.

We both truly enjoyed the film. The animation was amazing and the story was relatable. We recommend it for both young kids and adults of our generation. We found ourselves laughing in many parts, and admiring the art in others. It made us proud to be Pinoys just watching that movie.

The main characters are Nico and his friends who were spending the summer the way typical kids do these days: indoors, in front of the PC. But as things turned out, they rediscovered street games that kids of my generation enjoyed: piko, patintero, agawan-base, tumbang preso, syato, and many more.

Nico also learned a very important lesson - that being a hero is not confined to those who are capable of doing acts of greatness. That one needs not to hide behind an avatar to achieve great things. Being a hero is doing the right thing, for the people and the things that matter.

It would have been nice to see the film with my nephews, but it was a spur of the moment thing so we weren't able to invite them. I hope this isn't the last of its kind. A cartoon that is truly Pinoy and imparts values just as much as it entertains.