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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Manolo Blahnik Drawings

Did you know that the famous shoe designer Manolo Blahnik released a book sharing his creative process, and his drawings of his designs?

Well, he did:


Reviews for this book are mostly positive, coming from shoe lovers of course. I’ve personally never even seen a Manolo up close and would probably die without ever trying one on, much less own one. But like Nina Garcia’s The Little Black Book of Style, this book is channeling the hidden fashionista in me. Getting a copy of this book is probably the closest I’d get to experiencing Manolos.

Although the kikay in me would love to doll up and wear high heels (which I very seldom do), the truth is that if I had a choice between high heels and sensible comfortable flats (like those mbt shoes), I’d almost always go for comfort. Some say though that heels don’t have to mean uncomfortable. I guess I just haven’t found the perfect fit just yet.