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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Frozen (2013)

Almost three months after its release, and after hearing good reviews about it, I finally got to watch the Disney animated movie – Frozen.



I really thought that the older sister, Elsa, new Queen of Arendelle, was the main character in the story. After all, you’ll see the posters featuring her in the middle. And the hit song “Let it go” was hers too (love the song, by the way).

What I realized though, is that it’s her younger sister Anna, Princess of Arendelle, that deserved the limelight.

In the beginning, Anna was the picture of a young girl, insisting on her kind of fun without thinking about consequences. When an accident prompts their royal parents to keep them apart, Anna wonders why her elder sister refuses to see her when they used to do everything together. When all grown up, she is still a giddy young girl, who falls in love with a Prince she just meets.

Elsa, on the other hand, was a dutiful daughter. More than anything though, I think she was terrified at what her powers were really about. She lived in isolation, hardly speaking or seeing the outside of her room, unless absolutely necessary. She is crowned Queen the day she comes of age, but she dreads the coronation, and having to welcome everyone into the palace.

Elsa shows us that sacrifice is loving too. She knew she could hardly control her power, so she chose isolation rather than hurt anybody.

Anna teaches us that no matter the odds, we should never give up on family. She braved the cold to find her sister and bring her back. And when confronted with a choice of saving her own life versus saving her sister, she made the ultimate sacrifice. 

So many lessons in that movie. Elsa even tells Anna that she can’t marry someone she just met! That one was really funny, and true too. This was also the movie where Prince Charming wasn’t all he seemed to be, and a smart, independent, young woman, rises to the top and rules a kingdom. I’m not sure what kind of lessons kids actually get, but it is a fun and entertaining movie, for sure.

Another thing I really loved about the movie is its soundtrack! Can’t help but feel proud that Filipino-American Robert Lopez and his wife were behind it.

Check out some of the songs from Frozen Smile