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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Breakfast with Friends

I have no business blogging right now.

It is 310PM. I’ve been up since 645PM yesterday. I again have to be at work at 8PM tonight. But who cares. Hah!

Had a great shift today, followed by a nice drive to breakfast with work friends. Unfortunately, Mercato Centrale disappointed us by being CLOSE for business today. So we had to drive around The Fort to find somewhere else to eat. And I was starving!

We finally ended up in Army Navy at McKinley Hill.

Photo Oct 13, 1 49 50 PM

No food photos though. And none of me, just of everyone else. Smile It took us awhile to decide on what to order, specially the lady in the middle and myself. She ended up ordering a steak burrito, while I went for a Starving Sailor. We had so much food among the six of us, it definitely was a big breakfast. Sadly, I forgot that the milkshake wasn’t worth it and I ordered one. Next time I’m just going to have iced tea.

I like going to the Fort and imagining running or biking around (not that I have a habit of doing those anywhere else). The place feels clean and nice, and livable. It’s like, go there to live and to work. They have everything there, except maybe carinderias. I feel like walking from one place to the other is highly encouraged there and maybe adding more parks or plazas would be good. water fountains outdoor would be a good feature too, they would add a softer feel to the very sharp edges you see everywhere in the landscape (tall, flashy buildings).

It was a good way to usher in the weekend. How’s yours so far?