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Saturday, May 12, 2012

What to do?

If the clock on my phone didn’t sound an alarm, I wouldn’t have believed that today is almost over. As I type it is now 4:09 PM on a Saturday. May 12th.

The boyfriend is out for a summer adventure with his teammates at work. My parents just stepped out for one of their regular bookstore/toystore/coffee shop rounds. And big old me, well, I am here. I’ve been thinking about where else I’d rather be right now and I couldn’t come up with anything. There are these random thoughts of

  • visiting friends, or
  • decluttering the closet, or
  • making some iced coffee

But I won’t be doing any of those. Nah, not likely.

  • Contacting friends and finding out if they’re available, coordinating schedules, by the time I’m done we’ll deep into the night
  • I have no supplies – no boxes for stuff I’d need to get read of, no wire duct to organize the hundred and one wires we have in that tiny room…
  • I’ve no coffee grounds

So what to do?


DSC08841 copy (1024x842)

I ended up with this photo. I processed it. Printed it out on 4x6 photo paper. And then I gushed over it. And smiled. I miss you Amir, can’t wait to see you tomorrow and have you turn our world upside down again (the house is going to be one big mess when you leave!).