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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Vow (2012)



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My niece tweeted me last weekend because she wanted us to see the movie The Vow, starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. Monday was the perfect time to see it because:

1. Shanti had no school on Mondays

2. Work was only until 9AM, and work next day wasn’t until 3AM.

3. It was the day before Valentine’s and hopefully there wouldn’t be too many people out.

So yes, off we went on Monday. It turns out Shanti had something going at school that morning, but she went straight to Cubao right after. After we met up, we had to go get my mom and take her to work. Then off we were to Makati where we’d pick up Alfred and see the movie. Our cinema of choice: The Power Plant Mall at Rockwell. I’d never been there, so this was a first.

First we had to eat lunch. There was plenty of time before the next screening anyway. The meals we had that day needs an entire post all its own. It was like we were celebrating Shanti’s birthday with all the fun we had that afternoon. I was actually making up for missing out on her championship game the day before. She the Libero player for Miriam College’s champion volleyball varsity team. She’s only a freshman, but already making her mark. Smile

The movie was a delight to watch. It was really heartbreaking though, but it also makes you believe in lasting love.

There were other movies in the past that talked about the concept of ‘self’ as a collection of memories, and that when we cease to remember, then we also forget who we truly are. I believe that. Our character determines our decisions. We make decisions based on what we know, and what we’ve experienced. Without our memories, it is difficult to decide. Difficult to distinguish ourselves from others.

Paige and Leo’s love story was very inspirational. Leo truly is an ideal man. He was romantic, into music and art, and was faithful. And he could have told Paige everything about her family just to keep her with him, but he chose to play fair and do what was best for his beloved wife. I loved their artsy lifestyle, especially their wedding that took place inside a museum (illegally, haha!). I heart Chicago and hope to one day visit it.

The Vow is reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks inspired movies, but this one wasn’t based on any novel of his. It’s actually based on a story of a real-life couple.

I can’t imagine this ever happening to me or anyone close to me. Amnesia. It’s so hard to decide to be thankful that you lived through an accident or to be so angered that you lost your memory as a result. Of course, the correct answer would be to be thankful that you live. I can’t imagine how different Paige was in five years. I look back at my 5-year self and don’t see much difference. If this happened to me I would wake up and see Alfred and perhaps comment on how much bigger he is now, and so is my tummy. But there won’t be much else that’s different. I wouldn’t remember Amir, but it’s so easy to fall in love with him. Smile 

If you’re still on the fence about seeing The Vow, don’t be. Go and see it, and maybe you’ll appreciate life more Smile