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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Get Well Soon, Amir!


Please don’t tell me you’re here to check on my progress in taking an inventory of my To-be-read pile. It still hasn’t happened. Yet.

I wish I could say I used the time since posting about it to work on some other project, but I haven’t. So I won’t.

Weekends in this house are supposed to be Amir-filled. Well, this weekend is no exception. However, it isn’t in the usual way. Amir and his parents didn’t come over for a couple of reasons, but they ended up rushing to the Emergency Room on Friday night. The baby has been having difficulty breathing, due to an illness likened to croup. He’s currently confined at the hospital and will be there at least until tomorrow.

I was dead tired Friday night so I didn’t even make an effort to see him at the ER. Dad was there, and my Mom went there straight from her midnight flight from Hong Kong. I was there to see him almost the entire day yesterday.

Photo Nov 19, 4 29 45 PM

That’s the little prince having his afternoon nap. I was keeping watch at this time while his parents slept too. Poor mom, I think that was the first time she slept since the day before.

When Alfred and I arrived at his room, he wasn’t in a good mood yet. In no time though, he warmed up to us and we started playing around with his book and animal cards. My goodness, the kid wants to stand and jump and dance around! We couldn’t let him though, his IV is attached to his foot. Sad smile

We had to leave him for awhile to grab some lunch. Friends of his mom and dad came to visit too so it was a good excuse to step out of the crowded room. After eating at the hospital canteen (not too many choices there at almost 3PM), Alfred and I decided to go to Medicard so I could consult with the rehab doctor (another story).  She wasn’t in though so we decided to hangout at Starbucks for awhile. We left the café and my Xray films as well, Alfred walked back to get them. I have to take those with me to the rehab doc on Tuesday. I really must get this therapy done and not chuck it off like I did postponing the removal of my impacted teeth. I think this pain on my hip/back is something that will just get worse if it isn’t dealt with properly. Naalala ko tuloy yung nice dentist na hindi ko binalikan, maybe he’s looking at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon Jobs now. He was real nice and gentle when I had my checkup with him many many years ago. He would have taken care of my dental surgery, I know it, but I was too chicken to go through it.  I mustn’t be chicken about therapy now. 

So Amir was asleep already when I got back.

When he woke up, it was time to for the nebulizer. The nurse must have had bionic sensing capabilities because she came just as soon as the little one woke up. Boy did he cry the whole time. Good thing it only took a few minutes.

Diane, his mom, went back to sleep. My brother and I tried a lot of tricks to get him to stop crying and be in a better mood. This Drums app on the iPad did the trick. After awhile, my brother went back to sleep too and this guy was stuck with his Auntie again. Smile

Photo Nov 19, 6 12 38 PM

He was in an even better mood by the time more visitors came in the form of cousin Che and her kids AJ and Hanna! Can you tell by this photo?

Photo Nov 19, 7 26 41 PM

So the little boy is in the hospital, hooked up to two IVs and needs nebulizing every eight hours. But he’s still pretty much the same happy little boy for the most part. We look forward to a full recovery in a few days.

We love you Amir, and a lot of people are praying for you. Smile I’ll see you in a bit before I head to work Smile