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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shop. Save. and Cinema.

Yesterday’s shopping was successful. Alfred has a new pair of  jeans. I have two new pairs, and two new black shirts as well. We paid cash.

Although it was Day 1 of the 3-day Sale, there weren't many people around at 1PM. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait at the fitting rooms and there were no long lines at the counter. Later on though there were a LOT more people around, so many in fact that there were no more tables in  Banchetto which is one big place to fill up!

The queue for parking was massive too. It's a good thing my office is right there so I had parking space! Having parked at the office, we decided to swing by Banchetto to grab some brownies. We fancied a movie as well as some food so we made the walk from SM to Gateway. We missed the 440PM showing so instead we caught the 650PM screening and had an early dinner at Teriyaki Boy where we got this cute freebie:

It looks just like a Coca-Cola can but it’s a coin bank really. Just when we needed a new one too. Hehe.
Sadly though, because we had time to kill, it meant we had time to spend some more money. This time, we bought pillows. I wish I had the budget for Tempur, but I got what seems to be the next best thing. I’ll post a review of the pillow later on – will it keep me from snoring? As long as it prevents headaches and back pain, it’s money well spent for me if you ask me. You know, it’s like buying ladies thermal clothing, it’s no good if it doesn’t function the way it’s meant to. So the ultimate test will be when it’s being used.So after a few days, I shall do a new post on my new bed buddy. Smile