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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time to Stretch Them Legs

For tomorrow ‘s going to be shopping day. I will not go all out though, even if it is SM Cubao’s 3-day sale. I intend to get a pair of pants and maybe a top or two. Then some accessories. I miss accessorizing.Girly bracelets will be on my list, along with some new studs and even dangling earrings.

I’ve had quite a number of splurges this year and I was hoping to get through until Christmas without needing new clothes. Looks like I might not make it though. Yesterday, one of my favorite jeans had ripped. I guess I could still use or have it touched up, we’ll see. Then there’s a blouse or two that just don’t fit. They have either shrunk, or I have gained weight again. Ugh. This will not be a litany about my weight.

Schedule will be tight as I’ll be taking Dad’s car to work tonight. Alfred will be by around 12, and we have until 2:30 to eat and shop. We’ll most likely skip lunch or leave it for later. There’s Banchetto after all, we can just buy food to take home like we did today (must remember to blog about this too). Friday is coding day for the Rav. Thursday is Dale’s curfew day.

Some people at work always wonder why I even bother about color coding when I use two vehicles. The thing is, my Dad and I switch cars so he won’t be hampered by it. My travel time supposedly coincides with the off-peak hours. It’s only when I spend too long in the office, or when I want to go out in the afternoon that coding bothers me. Yet, I’ve raced against the 3PM deadline too many times in the past few months. Tomorrow will likely see another dash to the finish.