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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Insuring the Future

Is it a coincidence that one day I see a recruitment ad for a stay-at-home writing job that pays a monthly salary, then I am inspired enough about something to write yesterday’s post Create, and then Steve Jobs dies the day after and I am again looking at messages of finding what you love and doing it? (Remembering Steve, on my main blog).

It’s like the Universe is conspiring to tell me something here. I can make a change. I should make a change. But I still don’t have Jobs’ vision and courage. What can I do so that each day is worthy enough to live as it were my last?

It will be a tough journey yet. But all I can do is pray for courage and perseverance to make the small changes each day necessary for me to live the life I dream of. Or to figure out what it is in the first place.

Still on the topic of life and how short it can be, I am reminded of a conversation I had with colleagues at work on Sunday shift. We somehow ended up talking about life insurance and how while we are young we should invest on them. I have one and now I am thinking of getting another policy. A year or so ago when I finished paying premiums, I was thinking how I didn’t need another one. It was an unnecessary expense. Now I realize that it is forced savings for retirement. For a small amount (not enough to invest in business) I can be assured that my family will receive something should I expire earlier than expected. Or I will receive pension in my old age. 

A colleague who already has a pre-teenage daughter doesn’t have a policy yet. We were telling her about giving it a thought. I'm thinking whether to give her our agent’s number, or giving her number to our agent. Of course she could also check for life insurance quotes online

I no longer look at life insurance as morbid. It’s not just about receiving money in case of death or disability, but it’s also about saving up for the future. About having some money saved up so we won’t burden the next generation too much while caring for us. Check out Target2025 for more information on preparing for retirement.

Hay, the things we consider. Is this a sign of aging? Smile