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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


A few days ago, How Sweet Eats blogged about a day in her life.  Again, it made me think about making a life change. She quit her job a year ago and plunged into a whole new journey. I had to read the posts she linked back to to understand where she was coming from, and I totally get her.

Although I am not even close to being a good writer/blogger as she is, I totally get her. This desire in me to work at home, I think, is also a desire to be creative. I think I used to be a creative person. I wrote, and at some point I felt good at it. I liked doing things with my hands. Creating. My piano teacher once saw me doing some word art and told me that: my hands are good with stuff.

Photo: Zipper bag. I made this in 2006. Click photo for related story in my old blog.

My grandmother crochets, sews, and cooks, among other things. Sewing was her sideline (if I remember correctly), and her home would be full of stuff she made herself. In her later years she also did some paper folding craft. There would always be a tub or a basket of yarn and needles in her bedside. I loved that. She taught me how to crochet. She helped me with my sewing project in highschool. I loved all those too.

But as I grew older, all that creativity, including playing music (guitar and piano), gradually disappeared. The only thing creative left in my life right now are blogging and my (almost non-existent) photography hobby. It’s almost been a year since I’ve last baked up a storm (that’s creating too, right?).

I want to go back to the old me and surround myself with creativity. Or crafts. Whatever.

Maybe that’s where my niche is. If I ever venture in a home business, it might have something to do with any of that.

Honestly, I started this post with the intent of steering it to talk about going into business and how we’re going to need various business tools and software to maximize efficiency and drive success.  Something like Quickbooks Enterprise. On the drive home today we passed by this corner lot near home and the boyfriend commented on how getting it would be a good investment. The house sitting on the lot burned down some time ago. Sad. But since it’s a corner lot and on a busy street, it would be a nice spot for a home, with an attached bakeshop. One of my dreams. A quickbooks enterprise download would be valuable for such a business right? Smile

Anyhoo. I’m dreaming right now. And I will continue dreaming.