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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ID Badge

Ever had that feeling of losing something, and knowing you couldn’t have possibly really lost it? And yet you just can’t find it. You look high and low, retrace your steps, and its nowhere to be found. Then, at the very last place you check, there it is. All safe.

Well that was me last night, not even 2 hours into my shift. I’d traversed the two production areas my account occupies, when that sudden feeling of loss got to me. It took some time before I found my badge – inside my bag’s pocket. I had no idea when I placed it there. I still remember putting it on the back pocket of my pants, not my bag.

Oh well. I wouldn’t have had to look all over for it, had I been using an ID holder. The one I used to have had given up on me. I don’t remember how it broke/fell apart, but it did. So I’ve had to hold my badge or put it in my cellphone pouch. Because of that, I had left it at home or in the car many times. Last night, my colleagues took pity on me and gave me a swivel back lanyard. Like this one:


It’s black too, but mine has print on the face. I think it’s the company logo or a campaign or something. (Photo is sourced from this site which is also a good resource for a photo ID card system)

I really think that printer services and supplies would be a good idea for a business. There are ready markets for campaign items and company swags like this simple lanyard. Specially for holiday giveaways. It doesn’t seem like one needs too much investment for the business to take off. Just enough contacts as a customer base, and superb quality service., and you’re good to go. I’d pretty much thrive in a creative business venture like this one, I think.  In my office alone, we’ve ordered custom ID laces, lanyards, mugs, tumblers, etc. All with our logos printed on them. We’re probably going to have more done before Christmas.

Anyway. Tonight, my badge will be a little secure. Until the next mini-crisis.