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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ace Water Spa is in Pasig too

So I already finished the BookSneeze ebook I have overdue for review the other day, I even announced it and cried Yay! I finished a book!

But no, no book post just yet. Smile

Guess where I was when I finished reading? I was at a cafĂ© – Figaro. It was just outside Ace Water Spa, Pasig branch. I was on girlfriend/driver duty and was waiting for the boyfriend to finish his photo shoot. I had waited in the car, parked somewhere for 40 minutes, when he told me to find somewhere else to hangout because he’d need more time. The nearest point of interest I could find on the GPS was nowhere to be found in real life. So I went to the first familiar place I passed by.

The QC branch is near here, and I took my old team to Ace Water Spa once. Earlier this year, in my coupon crazy days, I bought a deal to get in for only 299 instead of 500 pesos. The boyfriend and I used 2 vouchers, while my parents and 2 nephews used the other four. This time, it’s MetroDeal offering the same deal:


And there’s only 12 hours left!

I just read an article in Calorie Count entitle Swim Your Butt Off, so that’s an extra push to take advantage of this deal again. If I could burn calories and lose even a little weight, I’d take that opportunity. It’s fun and it’s easy to do. I prefer that even if there are proven to be diet pills that work. Also, I looked around the new Pasig branch (nothing else is open yet in the building except for the Spa, their buffet, Figaro, and the parking level) and it looks really nice and clean and NEW!

We’ll have to get coupons. I just have to ask the boyfriend which branch he wants to use it for…