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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bear in Concert

The camera I use the most these days, is the one on my iPhone. It makes sense, it’s with me everywhere. It’s come to the point where I’m thinking of getting a book on iPhoneography.

And because I bring my phone everywhere everyday, it’s getting a little worn out. Serves me right for not using the cheap cell phone cases I got for it. The last one I used on it was a bumper protector that was quite loose, I don’t really it did much protecting, huh.

When I saw this one on Brandsfever, I just had to have it:

That’s a hard case for the iPhone4 and it’s what I use now. I love it. It even has this To: and From: bubbles on the interior side, cute touch. There were other pretty designs, even ones with a black base that would look formal and suitable for work, but this is what I picked. I’d love to be a concert bear and play music for a living. If I can live that dream through my cell phone accessories, why not? Haha! Smile

The case was delivered (I realize now that the delivery fee was overkill!) around two weeks ago. It came with a screen protector too. I haven’t replaced the one on my phone yet, but I should – it’s got a lot of scratches already. I also have a black pouch that I use for the phone when I remember to take it out of my bag. One thing I’ve missed is being able to hang charms on my phone like I used to. I don’t even remember where my old charms are now, but I loved those. Made it harder to lose them phones with those hanging about.  And you could easily identify it if someone stole it, bwahaha.