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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ressa Writes: Lessons for Egypt

This is a reaction to a piece that journalist Maria Ressa wrote for The full article can be found at the CNN Website, as well as MariaRessa.Com.

Earlier today, before I read her post, I’d already written my thoughts on the 25 years of EDSA. But what she said has stirred more ‘feelings’ about what was supposed to be the Philippines’ shining moment. She is correct (although she may not have said it this way) – our current government is a disappointment to the Filipino people.

No wonder the international news organizations do not so much as mention the Philippines and its People Power when they discuss what has happened in Egypt, Tunisia, and the ongoing civil war in Libya.

I am ashamed to admit that I have not closely (not even remotely) followed the developments in Indonesia, our very close neighbor. I knew something good was happening there, but I wasn’t aware that they have actually come out way better than us after their own People Power revolution. They are the model that Egypt must follow, not us. To think that they have only had 13 years of rebuilding – and we have all of 25.

I guess our Revolution has not seen it’s completion yet. We endured Martial rule and suffered as a people under the dictatorship and it took just as long to get over the high that freedom and democracy brought to us.

Now, we must pick up where the Revolution left off. It may take another 25 years but as long as we don’t forget the lessons of EDSA, and the lessons from other countries; as long as we pull our acts together and work together for the common cause – there is much hope for the Philippines. After all, just as you would doubt any weight loss program that claim to be diets that work fast for women, it wouldn’t be wise to believe that lasting change will come in an instant or without great effort.