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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Diary of a Wimpy Kid


We finally got to see this movie on DVD the other day. It was hilarious SmileIt was the perfect movie to watch while you’ve got no cable and no Internet. It was definitely successful in keeping our minds off the situation, and keep cool about the service interruption that was terribly inconvenient.

In the Philippine context, we hardly ever use the terms wimp or wimpy – I can’t even think of a direct translation to the Filipino language. I think that’s one way to illustrate the difference in cultures. To a certain extent, there are social demarcations made in schools here but probably not as pronounced nor as traumatic as it can get for American kids.

Or I could just have been really oblivious to it.

Having had no idea what the Wimpy Kid series was really about, I was kinda expecting a story line involving bullies and it was refreshing NOT to have had my expectations met.

It’s a good movie to help kids who are trying to “fit in.” Although, I must admit, parental guidance is probably a must for the average Pinoy kid.

If the wimpy kid was a girl, the plot would probably have revolved around body image issues, even at that age. Although I don’t doubt that boys have those issues too, I guess middle school is too early for them to worry about getting carnitine supplement or taking designer whey to buff themselves up.

So anyway, I knew there’s a book series that this movie is based on, but what I didn’t know was that it started out online in the form of daily entries – like a blog! Cool! Smile