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Friday, December 3, 2010

Shopping from Amazon

Have you ever shopped from Amazon? Well I have. At least twice. Both times though, I had my purchases delivered to my uncle’s house in San Francisco.

The first purchase was for a Sony PSP. Though I had to pay in dollars, it was still cheaper than what I would have paid had I bought it here. The second was for cookbooks. The Hello, Cupcake! book, and The Field Guide to Cookies. I also got The Tales of Beedle the Bard with that shipment.

Since they were shipped to a US address, and was of a qualifying price range, shipping was free. I also didn’t have to pay for customs because either my dad or my uncle brought it home with them from the US.

Today, when we picked up our Photojojo goodies from the Post Office, we were surprised at the obscenity of the Customs and EVAT charges. So was the lady next to us. She was claiming a delivery from Amazon, and was so disappointed by the excessive tariff incurred. Oh well. Next time you order from Amazon, have them ship packages not exceeding  50 dollars at a time. Packages 50 USD and up are levied with taxes already. Ugh. Not a good idea when you have to pay for International shipping. Sad smile