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Friday, November 26, 2010



How do brides choose their bridesmaids? Usually, these are close girlfriends, or family. Sisters, cousins. The picture above (from iStockphoto) shows what, for me, bridesmaids are: really good friends who will keep the bride grounded, sane, and happy. Smile 

At the rate we’re going in terms of attending weddings, I’m running out of would-be bridesmaids. Had I been first to get married, I could have had 6 bridesmaids and the bridal party would be so fun and beautiful. Smile Now, I’m down to just two other singles in my small circle of friends. Then again, if I want married pretty ladies with me as I say “I do”, who’s to stop me? There’s no rule against that, is there?

In our culture, preparations for a wedding are normally just carried out by the couple themselves, and maybe their parents. Apart from fitting for the bridesmaid dresses, and attending the bridal shower,  the ladies-in-waiting don’t really have any other participating prior to the wedding march. In the west though, the wedding party play a more active role in helping the couple get ready for the big day.

I don’t think any Pinay would think of getting a book to prepare to be a bridesmaid. But I think we should. Such books like The Bridesmaid Guide: Etiquette, Parties and Being Fabulous actually sound like a good resource!


zoan said...

hello Vera, I totally agree with you here. though we already know what to do with our wedding and how to choose our bridesmaid, reading a book might still help:)

anyways I have a Question kasi for you with regards sa boook sneeze hope you can help, please if you have time to message me din ahahah kahit sa facebook. friends ba tayo dun? nalilito kasi ako on how to make a book review. ahaha