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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wedding Presents

My Internet connection is currently super slow. We called Sky Cable earlier today and they acknowledged that they had issues somewhere that was causing the problem. They anticipate that this will be fixed next week and they’ve offered us credit for the days that we’ve been inconvenienced. Although I appreciate the credit, I’d much rather have a working connection. I have the time now to tweak my template for the Newbie Photographer, but an unreliable connection does not help. This also would have been the perfect time to start work on the new health blog, but again, a slow connection would just annoy me to bits.

Thanks to Windows Live Writer though, I am able to write in peace and update this blog. So don’t be surprised to see so many posts come through in the last 36 hours Smile

Several times I have mentioned how it’s wedding season with all the weddings I’ve attended recently. In The Best Day of Someone Else’s Life wedding season proved to be very expensive for Vi.  She had to buy gowns, pay for gas, sometimes also stay at a hotel. And she had to spend on gifts. She sent one to all couples whose weddings she attended in that year and a half. Ouch. I didn’t give my friends wedding presents, with the exception of Mayeen and it was a shared gift with our friends.

Shameful. Sad smile I actually meant to get them all gifts. I just always put it off for later, until I eventually forgot – until wedding day. Tsk. But I’m sure they all understand, and would’ve hardly even noticed the absence of a gift tag with my name on it. Winking smile

Traditionally, couples are given household stuff to start them off with their new life together as husband and wife in their own home. There are bridal registries now to make it easier for guests to choose gifts, and to avoid duplicates too. Sometimes though, we want to be unique in our gift ideas, or want the present to be meaningful. So we depart from the registry, and try to be creative. Or, if you really just can’t be bothered to think and shop yourself, then gift checks or abt electronics coupons would be a good alternative. You at least give the couple the chance to spend the money on something they’d really like. Smile