Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. With starting at a new job on Monday, I’m sure time will fly and the season for giving will be upon us before I even start shopping for gifts. I haven’t even listed the lucky ones who will be receiving presents from me, hehe. Smile One thing’s for sure though, my Christmas wish list is ready, and it’s still growing!

Everywhere you look, there are Christmas adornments. You should go inside ELJ Building at ABS-CBN, you can’t help but smile and feel happiness creeping in with all the Christmas décor that abound on the first floor. Here I go again, I’m starting to miss the place. Sad smile

All over the blogosphere too you will see signs of Christmas approaching. Take for example Noypi’s Christmas card entry for Sulit’s E-card contest:

Last year, for the exchange gifts I joined in at work, I requested for books. I received two, The Kite Runner, and Jennifer Weiner's Certain Girls. The first I've read already (read my reaction), but the latter is still covered in plastic. I wonder if I'll be asking for books again this year, or shall I just direct them to my list?

What about you? Do you like receiving books for Christmas?