Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Sunday, November 21, 2010


These past few days I've been eating too much. I know it's too much because I surprise even myself. How do I know? Yesterday, I had a Kripsy Kreme original glazed donut for breakfast. Then a few hours later, we had brunch at Slice n Dice where I had T-bone steak with rice, and Chocolate Ganache ice cream cake for dessert.

We walked around Cubao and waited at Globe Gateway to find out they had no stocks of the BB Curve and the Home Phone (bummer). We were supposed to then head to the Megamall to get these earrings I wanted from Forever21, but the boyfriend managed to convince me NOT to go (I had a bad headache). This decision later got me upset when I heard from a Facebook contact that selected items in F21 were marked down. :( Anyhoo, it was only around lunch time by then but I'd already told my dad we weren't eating home. I was sure that we'd be hungry again in a few hours if we went home without eating. So yes, barely two hours after brunch, we had a McDonald's lunch.

He had a Big Mac, while I had a cheeseburger meal with large fries and regular coke.

I think I had another donut for snack in the afternoon (upon waking up from my nap). And then the sinigang dinner was a good one. I'd have had more if the boyfriend didn't stop me, haha. :)

But every new day is a chance to start fresh. Uhm, if only I could lie and say that I did NOT have four pancakes this morning. Haha. :) Seriously, I'd take diet pills if I wasn't afraid of possible side effects of diet pills.