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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter Mania

Harry Potter fans the world over have been eagerly anticipating November the 19th for that's when Part 1 of the end of the HP Series was released in theaters worldwide.

Have you seen it?

When the series started ten years ago (or is it more?) I was still a student at the University. One of my subjects was with the College of Education's Reading Department, on Children's Literature. Our professor eagerly talked to use about the wonderful world of children's books, including that of the wizarding world of Harry Potter. So before there was even the hype of the first movie, we were already hooked on Harry.

I must have bought book one on my allowance and shared the find with my brother. Later on, when book 2 was released with its hard cover, we both asked Mom to buy it for us. She asked why? We answered that in time, this series will be regarded as Classics, and buying will be considered an investment. :) The things we say just to get books for free. Hehe :)

But isn't it true though? Harry Potter is not only the biggest selling series (in books and movies) but it has made its mark in children's literature.

It is truly sad that I lost a few of my HP titles (hardbound at that) to Ondoy last year. I'll probably do an inventory soon so I know which ones are missing and slowly buy them again so I'll always have a complete set.

I haven't seen the movie but plan to see it next week. On IMAX of course. :)