Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Book Shopping Playdate

On a video chat with Amir and my Mom last week, I'd asked Amir if he wanted to hang out with us on Sunday. I thought of luring him with promise of getting books and it worked! He said he wanted to get colouring books. I knew how much he liked Activity Books but I wanted something he would read so I asked if he was interested in a book to read - he said yes, and about dinosaurs. 

He was up early on Sunday morning and my Dad sent me a text:

At the mall, he held on to Kuya Dodong and raced me all the way to the National Book Store. Of course there was no contest! I almost couldn't keep up.

At the store, I had my own shopping to do so the hubby helped Amir pick the books he wanted. He ended up with 2 activity books on Dinos, a book of trivia on the same subject, and a 4th book on - you'd never guess it - Angry Birds The Movie! 

That last one he picked right off the shelf all by himself. Each book he chose, he thumbed through before deciding. We showed him other books and he said "No, thanks," for those he didn't find interesting. He seemed content with just getting one, and he didn't ask for more than what he was offered. 

It was such a pleasant shopping experience. 

Look at that happy face:

I am currently reading a book about Bookshops and book sellers, and it brought back memories of bookstore trips with my parents. I am always grateful for being born into a family of readers, and this is my way of passing it on to my nephew. 

All in all it was a happy Book Shopping Playdate, of course I didn't leave the bookstore without my own happy haul:

Another win for Philippine Publishing! I got The Big Fat Book of Self Love by the editors of  body-positive blog Plump.PhThe ABCs of Had Lettering by Abbey Sy (she recently launched a book on journaling which I would love to get too), and Chic by Daphne Osena-Paez. I also snagged this carry-all tote from the NBS x Chuvaness line - I used it at work today and got compliments on it. I love how roomy it is and it's made of canvas. 

What have you picked up from the bookstore lately?