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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Summer Reading Camp 2014

I’ve never heard of a reading camp before, but it sure sounds fun. Smile


DiksyonaryoAtbp is a non-stock, non-profit organization that aims to encourage love for reading, and help raise literacy in the Philippines. They collect storybook and dictionary donations, as well as support scholars in Benguet schools.

Here are the details of the reading camp (lifted from an announcement in Facebook):

• READING CORNER –read all the books they want from Filipino writers c/o Adarna House Publishing
• ART CORNER – unleash their inner artist by engaging in art activities related to their favorite stories
• STORYTELLING CORNER – listen as your favorite Filipino children’s literature comes alive in the voice of the best storytellers around

Aside from participating in these events, parents/ children can also avail of Adarna House books on site, which they can donate for DiksyonaryoAtbp 's future projects or take home for themselves.

To register your child, please visit

(Official Poster designed by Risa Angela Rodil)

This really looks like my kind of event. I wonder if Amir would be interested? Since this is a Saturday I doubt if Alfred can join us, so maybe I’ll ask the grandparents if they’d like to bring Amir. I’ll tag along but I’ll try to get some reading done under the trees myself rather than watch the little boy. Hehe.