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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

34th Manila International Book Fair 2013

The 34th Manila International Book Fair 2013 starts today, and runs until September 15. Just like last year, it’s being held at the SMX Convention Center, at the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.



Reminiscing the 33rd MIBF

Last year’s MIBF loot was one of my biggest book hauls, ever. But the experience itself was epic.

I was diagnosed with Slip Disc in August 2012 and spent a month resting and getting help for it. Though I wasn’t fully recovered yet, we braved the rains and checked out the 33rd MIBF on its last day. It was raining so hard that traffic was bad on a Sunday. It was dark when we got to MOA, and parking was another obstacle. We could not park too far from the SMX because walking would have been difficult for me – and for all my companions because it meant being drenched in the rain.

So we entered SMX like we just had a cold shower. There was no time to spare either as the fair was closing in less than two hours. We made it inside after about 15 minutes because my back was already giving me a lot of pain. I had to stop every few steps to rest. So the only booth I got to navigate was the National Bookstore’s. And I was such a princess too, I found a chair to rest on while browsing some stacks, and then I gave the sales personnel a list of books I wanted to get. They were so helpful and understanding too.

Exiting the fair was another challenge. Luckily, there was a wheelchair we could borrow! Why didn’t we think of asking for one as soon as we arrived?! But the best thing about this experience was appreciating all that the boyfriend was willing to do for me. He was so patient, and didn’t mind having to go all the way back to return the wheel chair. The girls were with us too, and that’s always fun.

But how’s my progress in reading last year’s loot?

I’ve probably gone through half of the books I got. Hopefully the boyfriend had better progress on his stash of graphic novels.

Plans for the 34th MIBF?

I’m still not sure if I’ll be going this year. I really am trying to cut back on expenses, and having a huge TBR pile just makes it harder to spend a lot on more books. But I’ve never regretted spending on books. So I’m not closing my doors to the fair, but as mentioned in my September’s Here post, I’ll have to

Edit book collection/audit TBR pile. Will not go to the NBS sale or the MIBF without first doing this.

I already missed the NBS sale.

What about you? Will you be going to the Manila International Book Fair? What books are you hoping to snag?