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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

NBS: Project Aral 2013

National Bookstore is again running it's Project Aral to provide much-needed school supplies to children who need them. Although there are minimal fees in public schools, the things that a student needs are not all free.

Your 25 pesos can purchase a kit containing the following:

  1. 2 notebooks
  2. 1 pencil, and
  3. 1 sharpener or 1 eraser
Sacrifice your Magnum treat and get two kits. Or better yet, set aside one night's Starbucks frappe and get four or five kits. 

We first supported NBS Project Aral 2 back in 2009. I haven't kept track how many times we've done it since, but we'll be sure to check in to an NBS branch soon to do it again. You won't get to bring home any of the kits, but you'll get to sign it and drop it in the marked donation boxes. 

It would probably be nice if NBS sets up a page where we can all see where the kits end up in, or a list of schools they support. I checked the bookstore's official website but didn't find any. Perhaps they'll post something on their Facebook page once distribution has been done.

If you've got money to spare for a pair of Ray Ban aviator shades, then surely you can afford to give this gift too. :)