Between the Covers: Stories from My Bookcase

Monday, November 19, 2012

NBS Warehouse Sale

I barely made it to National Bookstore’s Warehouse Sale. On Sunday, there were two minutes left before they shut off the escalator leading to the 4th floor of their Quezon Avenue super branch as I hit the steps huffing and puffing.

The place was a mess, really. There were books and supplies all over the floor. You know that so many bargain hunters have been through the merchandise in the last three days. Since I didn’t have much time left, and considering my back’s condition, I didn’t stop to take photos. I needed all the time I could get to hunt down some books.

Almost as soon as I went in, I knew there was limited stock left. All the good books have likely been taken. But I still went through the tables, and peeked in some boxes. I ended up with 12 books for me and three chipboard albums for my niece Hannah who loves art/craft projects.

For how much? Only PhP1,140.00

I have these to consider for next time:

  • Go as early as possible on the first or second day
  • Spend some time on the supplies section. Plenty of stocking stuffers there.
  • There are nice notebooks on sale too. Grab a few for yourself, and for gifting.
  • Grab a shopping basket with wheels next time.
  • Don’t go along. If your back is still not a 100% well, you’ll need help. By the time I had all these books, my back was screaming in pain. If I wasn’t, I would have explored some more.

Did you make it to the Warehouse sale?