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Monday, October 29, 2012

The iPad Mini

Have you seen the iPad Mini?


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I wasn’t interested at first, but maybe I’m starting to become an Apple fan girl and now I want to have this mini. I have the first generation iPad but it’s mostly being used by the boyfriend. The iPhone5 interests me but I doubt I’d be able to afford it’s hefty price tag. Of course I’m willing to wait until my current contract with my telco expires in April to find out if the iPhone5 is offered to me at a considerable price, but I’m already thinking that getting the iPad mini is a more affordable alternative.

The Wifi version is good enough for me, just like my first iPad. If I need cellular connection, my iPhone can provide that with no issues. This will be so handy, and won’t add to the weight of my already heavy leather bag. I can do pretty much anything I’d do on the regularly iPad, including watching hair styling videos if I need to.

But it’ll take months before this baby is available locally so I’ll have lots of time to think it over.