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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Sunnies from Firmoo

Photo Oct 15, 7 35 35 AM

I do not take self-portraits, but that photo on the top is me taking one as soon as I received my Firmoo package. I was so excited and happy at my little package! And why not? I received this free pair of glasses just a few days after sending my order in. There is no expense at all for bloggers like me who would like to try the product. But do not fret, NEW customers also get to try a free pair, you just have to pay for shipping costs. All is explained here

But what do I think about my glasses? I love them! I’ve gone through so many pairs in my lifetime but I’ve so far only really loved two. The one I bought some time ago from Evita Peroni is a keeper. But this Firmoo pair I love even more. It’s perfect for driving from afternoon til sundown. It doesn’t make everything too dark. Smile

I have always had issues with my eyes and I get headaches all the time. Since childhood. This is probably why it’s never been easy to find a pair of sunglasses that were just right. And now to have two? Happiness.

My Firmoo package came with a cleaning cloth and two carrying cases: a hard shell one and a nice smooth black pouch. The hard case is perfect for storage at home, while the pouch is what I’d use when I take it out with me.

Photo Oct 16, 12 21 31 PM

At first I was wary about ordering glasses online. Like shoes, I’ve always felt that it is better to try them on before making a purchase. How can you know if it looks good on you until it’s too late? Firmoo’s website has a feature that lets you virtually try on the glasses. You’ll have to do some measuring, then upload your photo, and you’re all set. I think that’s genius!


So go, head on over to and find the design that suits you! Smile