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Saturday, September 29, 2012

TV: Jane By Design

jane quimby jane by design

Now that I’m back at work, I am missing out on TV time. On my 3-week vacation I spent almost all day and night on the couch watching TV. The remote and I? We developed a relationship. Haha.

One of the shows I loved watching over and over is Jane By Design.

Jane Quimby is in high school, but she is also in the world of fashion. She was applying for an internship, but she ended up getting hired as Executive Assistant to a fashion house’s big lady boss. Since they think she’s an adult, she keeps her life as a high schooler secret from them.

Her brother Ben is her guardian. He’s a coach in Jane’s school, but he also has a shot in becoming a professional baseball player. Her mom left them a long time ago but decides to come back. She is played by Teri Hatcher and it’s cool how they look so much alike. She doesn’t stay too long though.

Perhaps it’s her charming personality, but Jane seems to attract a lot of men. Her best friend is Billy and many times in the show it seems that something more may come out of their relationship. For awhile she dates the school hunk, but that doesn’t work (I actually missed those episodes). She’s also friends with Jeremy, a designer at work. I thought there’d be more there but apparently they’re really just friends. Then Eli comes along and well, Jane is torn by the secret lives that she tries so hard to keep separate from each other.

What I like about the show is really how Jane always pulls through whatever mess she finds herself in. She’s very positive and yes, a little naïve. My favorite episodes has got to be the when she saves the school play. First, the costumes were really awesome and she almost single handedly did all of them. Second, she donated her bonus check just so the play could push through. Third, she finally seems to know that she has feelings for her bestfriend, but seeing how happy he seems to be with his girlfriend Zoe, she backs off and keeps mum.

I am sad to find out that ABC Family decided to shelve the show. If Erica Dasher, the lead actress, ever lands on another show though, I’d love to see how that goes too.

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